We realise that our products/services have to be of the highest quality, so an ethos of quality has been ingrained into our production and customer contact processes. With quality built in at every stage, you can be assured that the finished product will not only meet your specifications, but will produce the end result that you want it to.


Our motto is Service & Value Built In – we maintain our high standards even when creating something entirely new or working to very tight deadlines.



Our own equipment is state-of-the-art, well maintained and operated by staff who enjoy regular training updates on the latest technologies and techniques.
The work we do is highly specialist and for that reason we are always looking out for new developments, ensuring that we are at the forefront of these developments.


Customer Service

Customer care is what sets us apart from our competitors. The majority of our business is built on returning customers, who get what they want from us and appreciate our honesty and openness in terms of the practicality of their requirements.
We work with customers to get the results they’re after, offering advice and support all along the design and manufacture process.



Our processes are energy-efficient, as are our machines and even our offices and production facilities. We are continuously on the look out for efficiency improvements and constantly investing in new equipment.


Our commitments to caring for the environment go further than our own business practises. We understand that your business has environmental concerns also, so we work with you to ensure our services, designs and products help you to reach your sustainable goals in terms of waste, manufacturing energy consumption and determination to mitigate use of hazardous materials.