Spread the cost of Tooling

Our country is full of innovators, inventors and budding geniuses, bursting with clever ideas to take product design forward and make a name for themselves. But we have to accept that getting an idea from fag-packet scrawling to in-the-hand product is a long and challenging road, and many designers will cite the cost of tooling as a major hurdle in this process.

That’s why Knight Manufacturing Group (incorporating Knight Precision Tooling and Knight Precision Moulding) has teamed up with a finance supplier to offer a unique solution. We’re able to offer individuals or small businesses the opportunity to pay for their tooling costs over a period of three to five years (subject to approval/credit references etc. from our finance partners) thus spreading the cost and making this vital step more affordable.

“Let’s not forget all the other ways which Knight is able to help inventors and product designers,” adds managing director of the Knight Group, Tim Wegener. “We offer prototyping and 3D design support, with an efficient, ISO9001-approved modern moulding and assembly facility as well as a combined 100+ years experience of managing tooling projects with our carefully selected and closely monitored overseas partners, giving you high quality tools at very good prices.

“Our finance scheme enables new projects to get off the ground as the cost of the tooling can be spread over the first few years’ sales. In exceptional cases there is also the possibility of Knight sharing some initial costs and amortising part of the outlay for the tool.”

This offer is not only for all-new designs, but also for tooling upgrades and replacements. We look seriously at all opportunities to build new relationships and develop existing ones.

It doesn’t end there either, as along with our superb moulding facility we also have extensive storage and exceptional assembly facilities where we can add additional value to the product we can supply you.

If you’d like to find out more about the finance initiatives or the toolmaking and injection moulding service available through the Knight Group, please e-mail tim@knightplastics.com.